Mighty Youth Conference

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Terms and Conditions

The following rules apply:

  1. No alcoholic refreshments, drugs, pornographic material, weapons, dangerous sharp objects or any such dangerous objects are allowed on the premises or campers.
  2. No sexual activities will be allowed between and amongst campers. No intimate contact!
  3. Boys and girls must sleep, shower and use the toilets facilities apart at all times.
  4. Theft of another campers belongings will not be tolerated.
  5. Campers must obey any instruction given to them by their leader or leaders of the Mighty Youth Conference. Failure to listen will result in army style punishment. (Push ups)
  6. No cellphone are allowed to be used during the conference or workshop times.
  7. No bad behaviour towards camp organizers, leaders or other campers.
  8. No swearing or bad language at the Mighty Youth Conference
  9. Campers will not discriminate towards any other campers who attend the Mighty Youth Conference, regarding culture, background, social standing, age, physical disabilities.
  10. Campers are not allowed to move out of their villages after lights out. There are wild animals at night.
  11. All equipment at the Mighty Youth Conference is to be handled with the best of care at all times. Any breakages will be for the campers account. Smearing of shaving cream or toothpaste at the main conference area is not allowed.
  12. All Campers are to behave themselves in a orderly and peaceful manner at mealtimes. No Food Fights!
  13. All litter must be thrown away in the bins provided, failure to do so will result in army style punishment.
  14. All who attend the conference and camp must be present at all times. You are only allowed to leave the premises. Only for an emergency or due to sickness. A letter from your doctor or parent will be required to leave the premises.
  15. The Mighty Youth Conference venue is a No Smoking Area
  16. You are not allowed to sleep in another village other than the one you have been allocated to.
  17. Youth pastors/leaders are responsible for all youth in their youth group
  18. No cell phones after lights out
  19. No open fire on camp grounds

I herby declare that I understand the above mentioned rules and agree to follow them to the best of my ability. I take full responsibility for my actions when breaking these rules. (parent/guardian) herby declare that I understand the rules and agree to make my child fully informed regarding the consequences of breaking any of these rules. I accept that if my child does not change his/her behaviour after been given warnings, I will come and fetch my child from the MYC on my own account. I also accept that that in the event that breakages occur to MYC equipment, buildings etc. from my child's bad behaviour, such damage will be charged to my (the parents) account.



What to Bring

  • Bring all camping equipment
  • Bring your own cutlery & crockery
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Warm Clothes
  • Closed Shoes
  • Slip Slops
  • Towels
  • Water Bottle

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  • Games
  • Praise and Worship
  • Food Court
  • Craft Classes
  • Sports
  • Workshops


The Mighty Youth Conference

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The Mighty Youth Conference


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